Promoting your child’s holistic growth and development
multi cultural students

Who We Are

Growing Steps Childcare & Learning Center is a childcare and learning center in Tucson, Arizona. We are committed to providing a nurturing and enriching environment for children to learn and grow. Our dedicated team is passionate about early childhood education and is committed to creating a safe and inclusive space where children can develop their social, emotional, and cognitive skills. We believe that every child is unique and has individual needs, interests, and strengths, and we strive to create a tailored learning experience that meets each child’s needs.

Our center offers a range of programs for children from infants to preschoolers, designed to promote holistic development and prepare them for academic success. We provide a play-based curriculum that encourages children to explore and learn through hands-on experiences, fostering creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking. Our classrooms are equipped with age-appropriate materials and resources, and our experienced teachers are trained to support each child’s learning journey. We also offer a variety of enrichment programs, such as music, art, and physical education, to provide a well-rounded education experience for our students. At our center, we are dedicated to creating a partnership with families, working together to support each child’s growth and development, and we are committed to providing the highest quality child care and early childhood education to our community.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a stimulating and nurturing environment where children can develop their social, emotional, physical, and intellectual potential. We aim to inspire a lifelong love for learning, foster creativity, and build a strong foundation for academic success. We strive to create a partnership with families, working together to support each child’s unique needs, interests, and talents. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for early childhood education, we empower our students to become confident, compassionate, and responsible individuals who are well-equipped to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a leading provider of high-quality early childhood education, recognized for our innovative programs, exceptional teachers, and state-of-the-art facilities. We strive to create a warm, welcoming, and inclusive community where children and families feel valued, respected, and supported. With a focus on child-centered learning, we aim to inspire a lifelong love for exploration and discovery, foster creativity and critical thinking, and cultivate the skills and competencies needed for children’s success. By continuously seeking to improve our practices and programs, we are dedicated to preparing our students for a bright and promising future.